How to Work, Blog, and Still Have Time to Clean the Bathroom
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How to Work, Blog, and Still Have Time to Clean the Bathroom
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Inessa Radostinโ€™s teenage years were similar in habits to that of a baby raccoon looking for food and shelter. Bouncing from job to job and interest to interest, she has continued this life of a wandering nomad until she landed in the fashion industry. The day she tried on her first sequined gown she knew she was hooked. Fashion was the dumpster this raccoon was going to inhabit no matter the consequences. 

With a background in writing and photography it seemed appropriate that she began a fashion blog, but what do you know? Life does not always afford one the ability to turn hobby into full time work quite so easily. With a few hiccups (turned to burps then to torturous acid reflux) Inessa has found techniques to successfully balance blogging with a full time work schedule.

Filled with time management tips, How to Blog, Work, and Still Have Time to Clean the Bathroom offers advice for new bloggers looking to venture into the business without quitting their nine to five jobs. From choosing a platform to budget friendly photography and video solutions, it shows you how to get around the undeniable struggle of operating a fully functional blog. Packed with guidance on surviving the online world, relaxation exercises, and general tips she wishes someone gave her when she started out, Inessaโ€™s first book is a practical, must-have resource for new bloggers.

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