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Why I Started an Online Academy?

I have been working as a coach and team leader for a VERY long time. So long that sometimes I forget that I have done anything but building, managing and inspiring teams. In the time that I’ve taken to progress my coaching career, I have taken a tremendous pride in strengthening my own knowledge and abilities. In today’s world, gaining knowledge is so much easier than when I was originally in school. Online education has taken the world of learning by storm and you can do anything from further develop your own skills to gain an entirely new degree strictly online.

Financial Planning for Success

For a very long time in my I was a student. I switched degrees halfway through my original career choice and then took an extra year in school to update my portfolio so for the better part of my life after high school I was studying in one way or another. While this was amazing for my personal and professional growth it was, as you can imagine, quite destructive for my financial state.

Goals Setting: What It Is and Why I Do It

Goal setting, the all time favorite activity for anyone wanting to have a positive change in their life. But what exactly is the act of setting a goal?

By definition, goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal. Not sure about you, but I am still unclear here. Why is goal setting a thing? When did it start? And more importantly to me at least, why am I obsessed with it?

How to Create a Productivity Moodboard

Being a productivity driven girlboss, I often times find myself in a funk. Either I am overwhelmed with projects or just need a break to catch up with my personal life and don’t know where to start again. Whatever the reason is, I find I need tools to get me going as much as I need them during heavy workload periods.

My steps to Writing Functional To Do Lists

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with list making. I don’t know if it’s the idea of feeling busy and productive or just getting new notepads, whatever it is; I am a list maker. I’m pretty sure if something requires more than one item, I have a list for it! My main pride and joy in the lists category is, of course, my ever growing to do list and it has taken me a very long time to figure out how to write a functional to do list that was not bogging down my productivity.

How to Use Mode Books to Be Your Most Productive Self

When it comes to tools of organization and productivity I have some major FOMO. I want all the agendas, all the planners, and all the inserts! It's actually a bit of a problem, I end up being too organized. Is there such a thing as over-productivity? I truly believe there is!

While having the right tools to stay productive is definitely key to achieving success, having too many tools can make you concentrate on the tools themselves and not on the goals they are meant to help you achieve.

My Everyday Bag Essentials

I don't know about everyone else but my bag weighs an actual ton. While this is likely not the best thing for my back and general health and posture, I can't help it! I love all my stuff! In the spirit of being super productive this year I decided to minimize how much I end up carrying with me daily. I was able to get rid of random junk I don't need, destash my wallet and even throw out random makeup I had weighing down my on-the-go makeup bag. With that said there are a few things I could never go without (which explains why those cute miniature purses have never worked for me). Without sounding even more like a hoarder, I present to you my top everyday bag essentials. These are the items that I will actually turn around and go back for if I should happen to forget them at home. Separation anxiety much?

My Top Tips for Increased Daily Productivity

Well before I got into planning I was on a never-ending search of being more productive. I wanted to get more done and with a purpose but I didn’t want to spend my days organizing my life. What ended up happening (a lot) is that I would start a task, be over the top into it, then forget about it and finish it whenever I had a chance, or never. This obviously wasn’t working.

After discovering the planning community on a whim to look for a cute planner (to attempt yet another productive streak) I realized that a good start to any productivity support system are the basics. Below are some of small actions I do daily and weekly that help me stay on top of my life and ongoing to do lists.

How to Film Your Desk: PWM Setup

I've been asked a lot how I film my PWM and release videos lately so I figured I should go ahead and share a post with everyone on exactly how I get it done. Most importantly how I get it done on a budget. Since I want to save my money so I have more of it to spend on stickers and stationery, I try to eliminate costs in every other department as much as possible. 

Etsy Shop: Things to Know Before You Start One

I've been going back and forth for quite some time before opening my first Etsy shop. I wasn't sure if I had the time, I wasn't ready to commit to one, and more importantly, I could not narrow down what I would like to sell. After having recently re-branded Mod Mode Designs, I can confidently say that having a dry run for a few months really helped me hone down the direction I want this shop to take. Today, I thought I'd share with you a couple of tips I've learned from trial and error.