Planning on a Budget

Guys! I recently went through my planning supply receipts and it wqas actually a shocking and fairly embarrassing experience. I spend way too much on planning!!! 

I decided that one of my goals for 2018 is to save money and after seeing the amount I dump into my planners, this is my main focus for the year. While I'm definitely never going to give up the idea of planning, I know it can be done on a budget. I have made it my main focus to only buy things I absolutely need and to get the best deal possible for those things when I do in fact need to buy them.

Personal Planner Flip Through (with the Planner Society)

I have spent most of last year on the Planner Society train and have setup my planner using the kits pretty much every month since I've started subscribing. With the start of the new year, I thought it might be time to try a different subscription box (reveal post will be coming up once I get it!) so I figured this is the perfect opportunity to share my favorite setup of the last year.

PBC Sale Sticker Haul Series

I did a thing and bought WAY too many stickers during the last Planner Boss Collective Sale. Instead of patiently waiting like a normal human for everything to arrive and filming one big haul video I absolutely had to use everything that came in immediately when my grubby hands were on it. As a result, here is the mini series of the PBC haul (watch out HBO! hahaha) in the order in which the happy mail arrived. I'm sticker drunk you guys!

Oversized Sticker Storage Using MAMBI Rings

I've been organizing all of my Etsy stickers in this file folder system I made using bins and mini folders but I honestly had no clue what to do with all of the MAMBI stickers I have. I find that when I keep them as is in the flip booklet they come in I never actually end up using them. Something about having all the separate booklets lying around makes me forget they're even there...

I saw a tutorial on someone using an old MAMBI planner as sticker storage and since I had extra expansion rings and a whole wack of craft paper lying around I decided to make my own from scratch.

DIY Traveler's Notebook feat. April Planner Society Kit

After a lot of debate and budget checking I've finally taken the plunge and enrolled in the Planner Society Kit subscription box and I'm so excited! April of this year was the perfect time to enroll for me. I was of course most excited for the cute, spring patterned, floral sticker book that was the size of a pocket TN. Since I have way more tickers than can fit in a small sticker book I've decided to turn my booklet into a pocket sized traveler's notebook while I waited for my Foxy Fix inserts to come in. Having a million planners already I didn't need to use this TN for planning so I turned into a little station to track my reading. I have not been reading as much as I'd like to lately so this should be a good kick start!

April Planner Sticker Haul

Finally got around to filming April's sticker haul. Not all the ones I ordered in April have arrived yet so this is just a portion of them. Also first time filming in natural light and didn't see the shadow forming as the sun set... YouTube fail! hahahaha

PenGems Pen Review

I have been waiting to get on the  PenGems band wagon for some time now. I've always held back because when a kit comes out I want all the colors but that means spending a ridiculous amount of money on, well, pens. 

When the Northern Lights collection came out I knew I had to have some! The colors this time were so light and pretty and those rainbow colored crystals were a must have. But I didn't like every color which was actually perfect because I could order a few to try them out without breaking the bank.

DIY Laminated Planner Folder

Are you a little obsessed with keeping too much in your planners? I sure am! The trouble I find is that every folder I've gotten so far has exploded from too much items being crammed in. Huge planner fail! Since I love being thrifty with my planner decor when I can, I decided to give the DIY laminated planner folders that I've seen floating around a shot. I won't lie, I thought I would definitely muck this up but I am super impressed with how they turned out. Here's a little step by step if you're looking to do this on your own. I would definitely recommend heat laminating these and if you don't own a laminating machine then you can get this done at a local Staples or FedEx.

EC Monthly Setup featuring Hello Petite Paper

First time trying my hands on a smaller scale monthly planner layout. I usually stick to my larger sized EC for monthly layouts and to setup my social media calendar but since I'm going to be offering monthly kits soon I thought I'd give this one a try. I also got a stunning April monthly kit from Hello Petite Paper so what a great way to do a mock up monthly spread! Thanks for watching!

Sticker Shop Review Featuring: Ctrl Alt Kawaii

Since I've gotten immersed in the planner world, I have had hungry eyes. It is so hard to not spend when there are so many amazing shops out there! Some are the big dog corporations and some are smaller. I personally prefer the smaller, ETSY based shops because you get to form a relationship with the shop owner and in the planner world, friendship is key.

I have recently had the pleasure to do a shop swap with Ctrl Alt Kawaii, an medium sized sticker shop owned by Diana (who is as cute as a button btw). 

Etsy Shop Sticker Haul Video

I decided that instead of waiting for the rest of my super giant sticker haul to arrive to our new place (moving sucks!) that I would go ahead and film the haul with the stickers that I already have received. Turns out that was a smart plan because there was so much to film already! I love me some stickers and some of these shops I was completely new to so I'm so excited to share them with you guys. I love finding new shops and I of course love getting a ton of stickers from shops I'm already familiar with. If you guys have suggestions for shops I might like link them up below. Hope you like the haul video!!!