6 Tab Planner Dividers Silhouette Cut Files FREEBIE

I've been a huge supporter of making as much as I can for my own planner without purchasing supplies. Luckily for me, I own a stationery shop (which you can check out here) but even before I opened the shop, I was always making my own inserts and dividers. I used to cut out all of my dividers by hand but once I got my Silhouette Portrait, I was hooked! For anyone else interested in cutting their own 6 tab dividers on their Silhouette, I have gone ahead and created these templates to use for personal use only. Thank you so much for visiting the blog and enjoy your free divider cut files!

How to Use Mode Books to Be Your Most Productive Self

When it comes to tools of organization and productivity I have some major FOMO. I want all the agendas, all the planners, and all the inserts! It's actually a bit of a problem, I end up being too organized. Is there such a thing as over-productivity? I truly believe there is!

While having the right tools to stay productive is definitely key to achieving success, having too many tools can make you concentrate on the tools themselves and not on the goals they are meant to help you achieve.

2019 Calendar FREEBIE

Before working on our 2019 inserts we thought it might be good to skip ahead and get everyone in the mood to setup next year. These free inserts are a great way to start forward planning for trip, family activities and anything you might have coming up. Thank you so much for visiting the blog and enjoy your free inserts!

How to Print and Cut Your Own Planner Inserts (plus sources)

Since the first day I started planning, I was obsessed. With that obsession came a need for possession; I had to have ALL the things! All the stickers, all the planners, and definitely all the inserts. Unfortunately, my need to have everything was soon met head on with my need to budget myself (as mentioned before, it is my new main goal). With that in mind, I decided to be more minimal in planning style. Not too minimal because you know, ALL the things, but minimal enough that I no longer felt like I was bleeding money.

One of the main things I cut down on was basic planner costs. I switched to ring-bund planners so that I could customize my inserts and use printable pages instead of physical products. I am lucky enough that I can get inserts from my shop (that you can find here) but I definitely am a huge user of printable inserts.

My Everyday Bag Essentials

I don't know about everyone else but my bag weighs an actual ton. While this is likely not the best thing for my back and general health and posture, I can't help it! I love all my stuff! In the spirit of being super productive this year I decided to minimize how much I end up carrying with me daily. I was able to get rid of random junk I don't need, destash my wallet and even throw out random makeup I had weighing down my on-the-go makeup bag. With that said there are a few things I could never go without (which explains why those cute miniature purses have never worked for me). Without sounding even more like a hoarder, I present to you my top everyday bag essentials. These are the items that I will actually turn around and go back for if I should happen to forget them at home. Separation anxiety much?

My Top Tips for Increased Daily Productivity

Well before I got into planning I was on a never-ending search of being more productive. I wanted to get more done and with a purpose but I didn’t want to spend my days organizing my life. What ended up happening (a lot) is that I would start a task, be over the top into it, then forget about it and finish it whenever I had a chance, or never. This obviously wasn’t working.

After discovering the planning community on a whim to look for a cute planner (to attempt yet another productive streak) I realized that a good start to any productivity support system are the basics. Below are some of small actions I do daily and weekly that help me stay on top of my life and ongoing to do lists.

Planning on a Budget

Guys! I recently went through my planning supply receipts and it wqas actually a shocking and fairly embarrassing experience. I spend way too much on planning!!! 

I decided that one of my goals for 2018 is to save money and after seeing the amount I dump into my planners, this is my main focus for the year. While I'm definitely never going to give up the idea of planning, I know it can be done on a budget. I have made it my main focus to only buy things I absolutely need and to get the best deal possible for those things when I do in fact need to buy them.

Personal Planner Flip Through (with the Planner Society)

I have spent most of last year on the Planner Society train and have setup my planner using the kits pretty much every month since I've started subscribing. With the start of the new year, I thought it might be time to try a different subscription box (reveal post will be coming up once I get it!) so I figured this is the perfect opportunity to share my favorite setup of the last year.