DIY Laminated Planner Folder

Are you a little obsessed with keeping too much in your planners? I sure am! The trouble I find is that every folder I've gotten so far has exploded from too much items being crammed in. Huge planner fail! Since I love being thrifty with my planner decor when I can, I decided to give the DIY laminated planner folders that I've seen floating around a shot. I won't lie, I thought I would definitely muck this up but I am super impressed with how they turned out. Here's a little step by step if you're looking to do this on your own. I would definitely recommend heat laminating these and if you don't own a laminating machine then you can get this done at a local Staples or FedEx.

EC Monthly Setup featuring Hello Petite Paper

First time trying my hands on a smaller scale monthly planner layout. I usually stick to my larger sized EC for monthly layouts and to setup my social media calendar but since I'm going to be offering monthly kits soon I thought I'd give this one a try. I also got a stunning April monthly kit from Hello Petite Paper so what a great way to do a mock up monthly spread! Thanks for watching!

Sticker Shop Review Featuring: Ctrl Alt Kawaii

Since I've gotten immersed in the planner world, I have had hungry eyes. It is so hard to not spend when there are so many amazing shops out there! Some are the big dog corporations and some are smaller. I personally prefer the smaller, ETSY based shops because you get to form a relationship with the shop owner and in the planner world, friendship is key.

I have recently had the pleasure to do a shop swap with Ctrl Alt Kawaii, an medium sized sticker shop owned by Diana (who is as cute as a button btw). 

Etsy Shop Sticker Haul Video

I decided that instead of waiting for the rest of my super giant sticker haul to arrive to our new place (moving sucks!) that I would go ahead and film the haul with the stickers that I already have received. Turns out that was a smart plan because there was so much to film already! I love me some stickers and some of these shops I was completely new to so I'm so excited to share them with you guys. I love finding new shops and I of course love getting a ton of stickers from shops I'm already familiar with. If you guys have suggestions for shops I might like link them up below. Hope you like the haul video!!!

Digital Drawing Tools

Ever since I opened the planner shop, I knew I wanted to to introduce stickers with a hand drawn character. I used to spend a lot of time drawing and have lately forgotten all about it because, well, life just gets in the way. Now that Mod Mode has been expanding adding hand drawn characters seemed like a logical step forward. But where does one start???

How to Film Your Desk: PWM Setup

I've been asked a lot how I film my PWM and release videos lately so I figured I should go ahead and share a post with everyone on exactly how I get it done. Most importantly how I get it done on a budget. Since I want to save my money so I have more of it to spend on stickers and stationery, I try to eliminate costs in every other department as much as possible. 

Sticker Haul 2!

Another quick Haul for you guys today. I'm doing a quick flip through of the singles we have launched in the shop and showing you a quick view of two weekly spreads using some of the weekly kits. All items are linked in the video info on YouTube. I will try to keep on top of hauls and flip throughs as more items are added to the shop:)

Sticker Shop Launch and EC Weekly layout

The shop is finally launching a sticker portion! The kits are formatted for the Erin Condren but with a bit of imagination can be used on other planners as well. The singles however are for all planners alike! I've gone back and forth on whether or not to open a sticker portion of the shop, then when I decided to do it I was back and forth on whether I wanted matte stickers or glossy ones or both. Basically there was a lot of questioning all around but I'm happy to announce that all the details were ironed out and we are in fact launching stickers on March 8th. We are starting with 6 kits (all awesome), 6 sheets of singles, and 6 sheets of single collection characters. 

Etsy Shop: Things to Know Before You Start One

I've been going back and forth for quite some time before opening my first Etsy shop. I wasn't sure if I had the time, I wasn't ready to commit to one, and more importantly, I could not narrow down what I would like to sell. After having recently re-branded Mod Mode Designs, I can confidently say that having a dry run for a few months really helped me hone down the direction I want this shop to take. Today, I thought I'd share with you a couple of tips I've learned from trial and error.

Plan with Me: Creative Year Agenda Walk Through & 43 Folder Desktop Filing System

I use two different planners to get myself organized. That's right, two! This video is a walk through of the A5 Creative Year rose gold planner I use that I have turned into a 43 folder desktop filing system. This system is adapted from other systems out there to be more manageable for everyday planning. I also walk you through how I double task both my personal sized planner and the A5 planner to form the most organized planning system I have had up to date. 

Mobile Dressing with Style

Has anyone had a whole lot of trouble finding a proper phone case lately? I seem to, for the most part, have no luck at all! They are either too boring, too large, not large enough, or just way too crazy. I mean, having a bedazzled phone case shaped like an ice cream cone is all fine and dandy but try showing up with one of those at a meeting, it's not the best look. I've been on and off the flip-case for my phone, I like the idea of having the screen protected but usually don't have much use for the extra flap. That is until I got one that uses the flap as a storage space. Now I'm obsessed with the concept and it definitely doesn't hurt that the one I have from Casemade is made from smooth, buttery leather.

Technically Spilling All My Beauty

I am a sucker for new techie toys as much as I am a sucker for new products at Sephora. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on which one makes me feel better about myself at a faster Kbps. My purse is always a true notion to all my favorite toys be it a new lipstick or a new laptop. Today's spill is all about embracing your inner geek.

No Place Like Home

People say that before you move you should de-clutter your current residence, throw out everything you don't need, and not buy anything else until you've moved into your new place. I am of the opposite mentality. I say get excited! Buy the things that inspire you to move even more so that when it is time to unpack in the new home you can be enthused about opening boxes and organizing your belongings. Who wants to move into a new place and already have a list of things they have to get? Not me, that's for certain. I would much rather stock up ahead of time like a squirrel saving for winter and when it's time to unpack I can concentrate in the important things. Like where will the sectional go or do I need three or four favorite lipsticks in that gold jar I bought three months ago?